Artblovk pop-up Gallery and Krafers Paradise bring to you a Ghibli-inspired Art Jam with the launch of NICKER Poster Colours at the Sim lim Square branch! Come for an exclusive one-off afternoon of peaceful painting and sample the line of high pigmentation poster colour paints used in the creation of many Studio Ghibli classics such as HOWLS MOVING CASTLE, PONYO and many more animation works from Japan!
Date: 19 AUG 2023 (SAT) 2-5pm
FREE ADMISSION (By booking only)
Sampler kit provided by Krafer's Paradise:
KCK Brush
Sample papers for watercolor/goauche paint
NICKER brochure
Krafers paradise discount voucher
NICKER Colour sampler paint pots set
light refreshments provided (coffee/snacks)
*Feel free to bring your own materials as well!*

Master painter at Studio Ghibli, Kazuo Oga, painting background sheets with poster colours (original credits to

"Basically, I use poster- color. Because as we have to paint much, we can't use expensive paint. Poster colors can show brightness or depth of color and, above all, it is easy-to-use. Talking about brushes, I use only two kinds of brushes, hira-fude (flat brush) and sakuyo-fude (pointed brush). For example, a sky or feathering clouds, misty distant mountains, rocks, plants… everything rough is done only by this large hira-fude. Old TV series anime used to be done in this way only. The last finish is done by sakuyo-fude carefully. I paint leaves roughly with hira-fude and add a few detailed leaves on it. Which is enough because the backgrounds of anime are shown only 3 or 4 seconds."`- Kazuo Oga on how background painting is done

Background painter Suzuki at Studio Ogura (Production I.G.) at work (via

"Usually the works are being painted on just barely bigger paper than standard A4-paper, Nicker Poster Colour used with about 30 different colors in bottles. On a wet paper first the basic color surfaces and tones are being painted with a bigger brush, after which you move on to smaller details little by little. Also the straight lines are being painted with a brush, taking support from a ruler and a stick gliding on its groove. A paintbrush is used only very seldom to achieve some certain effects, still most of the painting is done with a traditional brush. Hair-dryers are also being used for drying the painting when needed." - On how background painting is done at Japanese animation studios (via
Krafers' Paradise- Sim Lim Square (SLS)
1 Rochor Canal Road
#06-02, Singapore 188504
Getting Here:
Nearest MRT Station: DTL13 Rochor Exit I (Downtown Line)
Opening Hours:
Open Daily 10:00am - 7:00pm
+65 6252 9937
Established in 1950, NICKER COLOUR CO., LTD is a Japanese paint manufacturer that specializes in high-quality and saturated poster colors and gouache. Used for painting, lettering, calligraphy, design, and animation. Renowned for their widespread use amongst many big-name Japanese animation studios including Studio Ghibli for backgrounds.
Krafers’ Paradise has been a leader in retail art supplies since 2008 and is also the sole distributor for Montana Cans in Singapore. In addition to providing our customers with premium brands of art materials, the company takes pride in advocating independent and emerging art in Singapore.
Krafers’ Paradise began conducting outreach back in 2017 with just a simple sponsorship programme for local artists. After a year of experimentation and challenges, we collated our efforts and experience into establishing the Krafers’ Paradise Outreach Programme in 2018. Various initiatives such as an artist-in-residence programme, an in-store exhibition space and an accessible art studio were put into motion in an effort to allow the company to connect, build and establish active relationships to culture and its denizens. The programme also enables our resident artists to represent at internationally renowned festivals such as Street Superior, Culture Cartel and Creativeworld.

The Adult Art Jam is everything you wanted to know about figure and life drawing but were afraid to ask!
Join fellow art enthusiasts and learners alike in this art jam session designed for the working adult and student in mind. Draw, mingle and explore the world of figure drawing, still lifes and painting! 
Organised up to twice a month, Artblovk pop-up gallery brings to you an arts experience with locally-sourced cosplayers and models to provide a refreshing palate of fashion and looks! Whether you are a seasoned illustrator or someone dipping their feet in arts, there is something for everyone at The Adult Art Jam.  
In general, the formula of the art jam will be as follows:
POSE 1 (15MIN)
POSE 2 (15MIN)
Singapore 049847
14 MAY 2023
$15/tertiary students (Student ID required)
Payment before each art jam commences. We accept Cash/paylah!/Paynow only.
Basic drawing materials (paper/pencils/markers) provided. We highly recommend to bring your own material or drawing tablet to enjoy the full experience!*
*Please take note that unauthorised photography and videography are not allowed without prior consent from the organisers and the models.
Maximum of 16 slots per session.

2022 live drawing session @Studio Neon ft. Kiera

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