Founded in 2017 by Owner and Curator Eddie Ching (b. 1983), Artblovk is an independent gallery platform dedicated to showcasing and supporting emerging Singaporean visual art talent with a focus on pop culture and contemporary themes, particularly in the field of comics, films and games. 
Since its inception, the pop-up gallery has held exhibitions at temporary locations in Chinatown, PIXEL@One-North, KULT Gallery and other locales, transforming unused and unusual spaces into experiences for young talents to showcase their works to local audiences. 
Artblovk has worked with luminaries such as A Good Citizen (Singawhore, 2017 / Knock it Down, 2018), FsC (Ansuz, 2017) and Suiyoubi Noyoubi (Strangest Stranger, 2019, ALLERGIES, 2021) as well as a regular halloween showcase with contribution from leading illustrators and concept artists living in Singapore. 
EDDIE CHING (b.1983)
Owner/ Freelance Curator / Artist 
Focused on visual arts, animation, design and elevating indie artists onto visible platforms. Eddie is perfecting the art of putting up shows on a shoestring budget for maximum impact.
Fluent in English, Chinese, Japanese and French.
Indulges in graphic design, video editing, painting and miniature scale modeling
Also founder of local art collective Collateral Damage Studios (CDS)
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